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Best Hematology Specialist Doctor in Narayanganj

Best Hematology Specialist Doctor in Narayanganj Finding the Best Hematology Specialist in Narayanganj, Bangladesh Are you seeking an experienced and reliable hematology specialist in Narayanganj,...

Best Hematology Specialist Doctor in Narayanganj, Bangladesh

Best Hematology Specialist Doctor in Narayanganj

Finding the Best Hematology Specialist in Narayanganj, Bangladesh Are you seeking an experienced and reliable hematology specialist in Narayanganj, Bangladesh? With so many options available, it can be challenging to identify the best fit for your healthcare needs. This comprehensive guide, optimized for Bangladesh Health Alliance (BHA), a trusted healthcare directory website, provides detailed answers to frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision.

Dr. Shahzia Alam – Blood Diseases, Blood Cancer & Hemato Oncology Specialist

Dr. Shahzia Alam is a highly qualified Hematologist specializing in blood diseases, blood cancer, and hemato-oncology. With her MBBS, BCS (Health), and FCPS (Hematology) credentials, she brings extensive expertise to her role as a Consultant at Dhaka Medical College & Hospital. Dr. Alam offers consultations and treatment at Popular Diagnostic Center in Narayanganj, providing comprehensive care for patients with various blood disorders. Her dedication and specialized knowledge make her a trusted resource for individuals seeking expert management of their hematological conditions.

  • MBBS, BCS (Health), FCPS (Hematology)
  • Consultant (Hematology)
  • Dhaka Medical College & Hospital

Chamber & Appointment:

  • Chamber: Popular Diagnostic Center, Narayanganj
  • Address: 231/4, Bangabandhu Road, Chashara, Narayanganj – 1400
  • Visiting Hours: 6.30pm to 8pm (Closed: Friday)
  • Appointment: +8809666787804

Dr. Shahzia Alam

Professor Dr. Md. Kazim Uddin – Medicine & Blood Disease Specialist

Professor Dr. Md. Kazim Uddin is a highly qualified Medicine and Blood Disease Specialist with extensive experience in his field. He holds the following qualifications: MBBS, DCP, MCPS, and FCPS (Hematology). Dr. Uddin is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to his patients at Medinova Medical Services in Narayangonj. To schedule an appointment, please contact the clinic at the provided phone numbers or mobile numbers.

  • MBBS, DCP, MCPS, FCPS (Hematology)

Chamber & Appointment:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is hematology?

Hematology is a branch of medicine that focuses on the study and treatment of blood diseases, including blood clotting disorders, anemias, lymphomas, and blood cancers.

When should I consult a hematologist?

You should consult a hematologist if you experience symptoms such as prolonged bleeding, unexplained bruising, fatigue, fever, enlarged lymph nodes, or abnormal blood test results.

How do I find the best hematologist in Narayanganj?

Utilize reputable healthcare directories like Bangladesh Health Alliance (BHA), read online reviews, and seek recommendations from trusted healthcare providers.

What are the ualifications of a renowned hematologist?

Renowned hematologists typically possess board certification in hematology, extensive experience in treating various blood disorders, and affiliation with reputable medical institutions.

What services do hematologists offer?

Hematologists provide comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment for blood-related disorders, including blood transfusions, chemotherapy, and stem cell transplantation.

How much does it cost to consult a hematologist?

The cost of consulting a hematologist varies depending on the specialist’s experience, the type of consultation, and the medical center.

Is it necessary to get a referral to see a hematologist?

A referral may not always be reuired, but it is recommended to consult your primary healthcare provider for a referral to an experienced hematologist.

What are some common blood diseases?

Common blood diseases include iron deficiency anemia, sickle cell anemia, leukemia, lymphoma, and hemophili

Can blood diseases be prevented?

While some blood diseases have genetic causes and cannot be prevented, others can be prevented through healthy lifestyle choices, such as maintaining a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and avoiding excessive alcohol consumption.

What advancements are there in hematology?

Technological advancements in hematology include precision medicine, gene therapy, and targeted drug therapies, leading to improved outcomes and reduced side effects.


Finding the best hematology specialist in Narayanganj, Bangladesh, is crucial for receiving proper diagnosis and effective treatment for blood disorders. By utilizing the information provided in this comprehensive guide, optimized for Bangladesh Health Alliance (BHA), you can make an informed decision and connect with a reputable hematologist who meets your healthcare needs. Remember, early detection and timely intervention are essential for optimal outcomes in the management of blood diseases.Narayanganj.

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