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Dr. S.M. Zakir Hossain | Diabetes Specialist

Dr S M Zakir Hossain

Dr. S.M. Zakir Hossain: Pioneering Excellence in Diabetes and Diabetic Footcare in Khulna

In the rapidly evolving field of diabetes care, it’s imperative to spotlight professionals who not only excel in their domain but also drive innovation and best practices. Dr. S.M. Zakir Hossain is a paragon in this regard, especially within the medical community of Khulna.

  • MBBS (Dhaka), CCD (Diabetes, BIRDEM)
  • CC-CD (National Heart Foundation), Diabetic Footcare Training (CMC Vellore, India)
  • Diabetes & Diabetic Footcare Specialist
  • Diabetologist, Diabetes and Diabetic Footcare
  • City Heart Diagnostic and Consultation Center

Dr. S.M. Zakir Hossain - Diabetes & Diabetic Footcare Specialist

A Storied Educational Journey

Dr. Hossain’s academic trajectory is a testament to his unwavering commitment to medical excellence. Initiating his journey at the revered Dhaka Medical College, he secured his MBBS, providing him with a comprehensive understanding of general medicine. However, his passion for specializing became evident when he pursued a CCD in Diabetes from BIRDEM, an institution that stands as a benchmark for diabetes care in Bangladesh.

Broadening Horizons and Deepening Expertise

Dr. Hossain’s quest for knowledge is both admirable and extensive. To understand the cardiovascular intricacies associated with diabetes, he acquired a CC-CD from the National Heart Foundation. This qualification underscores his holistic approach to diabetes care, considering all potential complications and their management.

Recognizing that diabetes often has ramifications beyond blood sugar levels, Dr. Hossain took a keen interest in diabetic foot care. He underwent rigorous training at CMC Vellore in India, a globally recognized institution known for its cutting-edge medical programs. This training equipped him with the skills to address and prevent the debilitating foot complications often associated with diabetes.

A Beacon of Care in Khulna

Currently, Dr. Hossain’s expertise benefits countless patients at the City Heart Diagnostic and Consultation Center. As a key figure in the Department of Diabetes and Diabetic Footcare, he ensures that patients receive a spectrum of care. His approach is not just about managing blood sugar levels; it’s about enhancing the overall quality of life for his patients, addressing every potential challenge they might face due to diabetes.

Where to Seek His Expertise

  • Chamber Name: City Heart Diagnostic & Consultation Center
  • Address: 43, KDA Avenue (Sathi Complex), Moylapota, Khulna
  • Visiting Hours: Everyday 4 pm to 8 pm (Closed: Friday)
  • Contact Number: +8801795339461

A Legacy of Dedication and Care

Dr. S.M. Zakir Hossain’s contributions to the field extend beyond his clinic. He actively participates in seminars, workshops, and conferences, ensuring he stays abreast of the latest advancements in diabetes care. His dedication to continuous learning and patient well-being positions him as a luminary in the medical community.

In Conclusion

Dr. S.M. Zakir Hossain’s journey in the realm of diabetes care is both inspiring and impactful. His comprehensive approach, combined with his deep-rooted expertise, ensures that patients in Khulna have access to world-class diabetes care. For those seeking guidance, treatment, or simply a knowledgeable consultation regarding diabetes and its complications, Dr. Hossain stands as a pillar of hope and excellence.

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