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Assistant Prof. Dr. Shahabuddin Mahmud | Nephrology Specialist

Dr Shahabuddin Mahmud

Assistant Prof. Dr. Shahabuddin Mahmud

As a parent in Dhaka navigating the delicate landscape of your child’s health, knowing you have a trustworthy and expert guide by your side can be life-changing. In Assistant Prof. Dr. Shahabuddin Mahmud, you find that guide and much more. This accomplished Pediatric and Pediatric Nephrology Specialist isn’t just a clinician; he’s a compassionate advocate for your child’s well-being, offering cutting-edge expertise, a patient-centered approach, and unwavering dedication to ensuring your child’s renal health flourishes.

A Legacy Built on Knowledge and Experience:

Dr. Mahmud’s credentials inspire immediate confidence. He holds an MBBS degree from the prestigious University of Dhaka and an MD specialization in Pediatric Nephrology from BSMMU, Dhaka. This robust academic foundation is further strengthened by a Clinical Fellowship at the renowned National University Hospital in Singapore, exposing him to the latest advancements and most effective treatment strategies in pediatric nephrology. This translates into precise diagnoses, meticulous assessments, and evidence-based treatment plans tailored to your child’s unique needs and medical history.

Your Child’s Champion: Navigating the Path to Renal Health:

Whether your child is grappling with kidney disease, urinary tract infections, or developmental concerns, Dr. Mahmud offers a beacon of hope and a comprehensive roadmap to improved renal health. He expertly utilizes advanced diagnostic tools, in-depth clinical knowledge, and a gentle touch to understand your child’s concerns and craft a personalized treatment plan that prioritizes both their physical well-being and emotional comfort. His commitment to clear communication, active listening, and ongoing support empowers you to understand your child’s condition, ask questions, and actively participate in shaping their journey towards optimal renal health. You’re not just parents; you’re partners in nurturing your child’s well-being.

Beyond the Clinic: Cultivating Holistic Care for Growing Champions:

Dr. Mahmud recognizes that your child’s health encompasses more than just medical interventions. He takes a holistic approach, addressing the nutritional, emotional, and social aspects of renal health. He works closely with other specialists and provides guidance on dietary considerations, pain management strategies, and emotional support to ensure your child thrives not just physically but also emotionally and socially.

Convenience and Choice: Accessing Expert Care with Ease:

Experience Dr. Mahmud’s expertise at your chosen location:

  • Rushmono Specialized Hospital: Conveniently located on 209 Outer Circular Road, Moghbazar, Dhaka, this facility boasts advanced equipment and a dedicated team focused on your child’s comfort and privacy. To schedule an appointment, call +880170 8458000 or +8802 49357700.
  • Ibn Sina Diagnostic & Consultation Center, Badda: Located at House-Cha 72/1, Progoti Sharani, North Badda, Dhaka-1212, this center offers a welcoming environment and easy access. To schedule an appointment, call 09610009614.

Choose Assistant Prof. Dr. Shahabuddin Mahmud and embark on a journey towards your child’s optimal renal health and overall well-being. His extensive expertise, unwavering commitment to children’s health, and patient-centered approach offer a foundation for trust, guidance, and hope. Schedule your appointment today and experience the difference that a compassionate and dedicated Pediatric Nephrology Specialist can make in your child’s life.

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