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Associate Prof. Dr. Md. Safiullah | ENT Specialist

Dr Md Safiullah

Dr. Md. Safiullah

Experiencing concerns with your ears, nose, or throat? Finding a renowned ENT specialist who inspires confidence and offers comprehensive care can be a crucial step towards improved well-being. Look no further than Dr. Md. Safiullah, a distinguished ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) Specialist & Head Neck Surgeon dedicated to providing exceptional expertise, personalized treatment, and unwavering commitment to your ENT health.

A Legacy of Distinction and Expertise:

Dr. Safiullah’s credentials command immediate trust. He holds an MBBS degree, a DLO specialization from the University of Dhaka, an MCPS in ENT, an FICS qualification from the USA, and an FRCS designation from Glasgow, UK. This robust academic foundation, coupled with extensive experience, translates into precise diagnoses, meticulous assessments, and personalized treatment plans tailored to your unique needs and condition. Whether you’re grappling with hearing loss, chronic sinusitis, thyroid issues, or head and neck concerns, Dr. Safiullah offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide you towards optimal health.

Your Partner in Navigating ENT Challenges:

From minor ailments to complex conditions, Dr. Safiullah understands that every patient deserves individualized attention and a collaborative approach. He takes the time to carefully listen to your concerns, perform thorough examinations, and explain your diagnosis in clear terms. He values your understanding and involvement in your treatment journey, ensuring you feel informed and empowered throughout the process. His commitment to compassionate care and open communication fosters a trusting and supportive environment where you feel heard and cared for.

Beyond the Consultation Room: Accessing Expert Care with Ease:

Dr. Safiullah conveniently consults at two locations, making expert ENT care readily available:

  • Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center, Malibagh, Dhaka: Located at House # 489, DIT Road (Near Malibagh Rail Gate), Malibagh, Dhaka, this modern facility offers state-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated team focused on your comfort and privacy. He consults from 10am to 2pm on Saturdays to Tuesdays. To schedule an appointment, call +8801844141717.
  • Good Heal Hospital Complex, Noakhali: Located at Hospital Road, Maijdee, Noakhali – 3800, this hospital provides convenient access to Dr. Safiullah’s expertise for residents of Noakhali and surrounding areas. He consults from 4pm to 8pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays and is available all day on Fridays. To schedule an appointment, call +8801718-500280.

Choose Dr. Md. Safiullah and embark on a journey towards optimal ENT health and well-being. His extensive expertise, unwavering commitment to patient-centered care, and dedication to serving both Dhaka and Noakhali offer a foundation for trust, confidence, and a healthier you. Schedule your appointment today and experience the difference that a skilled and compassionate ENT specialist can make in your life.

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