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Dr. Tamanna Ahmed | Breast Specialist

Dr Tamanna Ahmed

Dr. Tamanna Ahmed

Transforming Lives Through Skill, Compassion, and Advanced Techniques

Dr. Tamanna Ahmed stands as a renowned Plastic, Aesthetic, and Breast Surgeon in Dhaka, dedicated to empowering individuals with the gift of renewed confidence and improved function through her meticulous artistry and advanced techniques. Combining her extensive expertise in various subspecialties with a compassionate and personalized approach, she guides each patient on their unique journey towards achieving their desired outcome.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Comprehensive Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Ahmed’s scope of practice encompasses a wide range of procedures, from aesthetic enhancements like laser treatments and body contouring to reconstructive surgeries for breast cancer, burns, and post-burn deformities. She skillfully addresses both cosmetic and functional concerns, ensuring optimal results in every case.
  • Aesthetic Sculptor: With a keen eye for detail and a focus on natural-looking results, Dr. Ahmed utilizes advanced techniques like PRP to enhance facial features, restore skin health, and address unwanted body imperfections. Her artistry and meticulous approach ensure you regain confidence and embrace your natural beauty.
  • Breast Specialist: A dedicated breast surgeon, Dr. Ahmed expertly performs reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgeries, helping women achieve balance and satisfaction after cancer treatment or simply enhance their body image.
  • Burn and Trauma Expertise: Equipped with specialized training in burn and post-burn surgery, Dr. Ahmed offers skilled reconstruction and rehabilitation services to individuals recovering from burn injuries, minimizing scarring and restoring function.

Qualifications and Achievements:

  • Highly Educated: Dr. Ahmed boasts impressive credentials, including an MBBS degree and an MS specialization in Plastic Surgery. Her dedication to ongoing learning ensures she stays at the forefront of new advancements and techniques in the field.
  • Consultant Position: As a Consultant at the prestigious Sheikh Hasina National Institute of Burn & Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ahmed contributes to shaping the future of plastic surgery in Bangladesh, sharing her knowledge and expertise with future generations of surgeons.
  • Multi-Location Accessibility: Dr. Ahmed conveniently consults at three locations in Dhaka, making her expertise readily available to patients across the city.

Convenient Locations and Access:

Dr. Ahmed consults at:

  • Zainul Haque Sikder Women’s Medical College & Hospital, Gulshan 2, Dhaka: Sat, Mon, Wed (3 PM to 6 PM) – +8801720601503
  • Laser Chain, Dhanmondi 28(Beside Sobhanbag Mosque), Dhaka: Tues, Thur (4 PM to 6 PM) – +8801720601503
  • Super Specialized Hospital, Dhanmondi 27(Beside Bangladesh Eye Hospital), Dhaka: Saturday to Thursday (6 PM to 9 PM) – +8801720601503

Choose Dr. Tamanna Ahmed to embark on your journey of transformation. Her unparalleled expertise, commitment to personalized care, and dedication to helping you achieve your desired outcome create a foundation for optimal results and empowered confidence. Schedule your appointment today and experience the difference a skilled and compassionate plastic surgeon can make in your life.

Additional Information:

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  • Including patient testimonials or success stories can add a personal touch and build trust.
  • Highlighting any awards or recognitions she has received beyond her academic achievements can further showcase her standing in the field.
Dr. Tamanna Ahmed, Best Burn and plastic surgeon in Dhaka Bangladesh

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Dr. Tamanna Ahmed, Best Burn and plastic surgeon in Dhaka Bangladesh


Dr. Tamanna Ahmed, Best Burn and plastic surgeon in Dhaka Bangladesh


Dr. Tamanna Ahmed, Best Burn and plastic surgeon in Dhaka Bangladesh

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