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Prof. Dr. A B M Abdus Salam | Pediatric Cardiology Specialist

Dr A B M Abdus Salam

Prof. Dr. ABM Abdus Salam

Expertise, Compassion, and Innovation for Every Child’s Heart

Prof. Dr. ABM Abdus Salam stands as a leading authority in Pediatric Cardiology, dedicated to delivering exceptional care and improving the lives of children with heart conditions in Bangladesh. With over 35 years of experience and a passion for innovation, he offers a beacon of hope to families facing cardiovascular challenges.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Interventional Pediatric Cardiologist: Dr. Salam is a true pioneer, holding the distinction of performing the first pediatric cardiac interventions in Bangladesh. He expertly performs a wide range of procedures, including device closure of ASD, VSD, PDA, and RSOV, as well as valvuloplasty/angioplasty for various valve issues.
  • Comprehensive Pediatric Cardiology: His expertise extends beyond interventions, encompassing diagnosis, management, and follow-up care for a spectrum of congenital and acquired pediatric heart conditions.
  • Putting Children First: Dr. Salam prioritizes a compassionate and patient-centered approach. He understands the emotional impact of a child’s heart condition on families and ensures clear communication and support throughout the journey.
  • Leading the Way: Dr. Salam actively shares his knowledge and expertise, contributing to medical advancements and training future generations of pediatric cardiologists in Bangladesh.

Qualifications and Achievements:

  • Highly Educated: Dr. Salam boasts an impressive academic background, including an MBBS from Sir Salimullah Medical College & Mitford Hospital, an FCPS (Pediatrics) from Bangladesh College of Physicians, and an MD (Pediatrics) from Dhaka University.
  • Fellowship Trained: He further honed his skills with specialized training in Interventional Pediatric Cardiology at AIMS, India, Australia, and Germany.
  • Internationally Recognized: Dr. Salam has presented research at national and international conferences and authored over 25 publications in peer-reviewed medical journals.
  • Dedicated Leader: He serves as the Vice President of the Pediatric Cardiac Society of Bangladesh and the General Secretary of the Bangladesh Child Heart Trust, demonstrating his commitment to serving his community.

Convenient Location and Access:

Dr. Salam consults at SQUARE Hospitals Ltd., 18/F Bir Uttam Qazi Nuruzzaman Sarak, West Panthapath, Dhaka – 1205, Bangladesh.

Entrust your child’s heart to the expertise and compassion of Prof. Dr. ABM Abdus Salam. With his pioneering skills, dedication to excellence, and understanding heart, he brings hope and healing to children, one beat at a time.

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