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Prof. Dr. SK. Banik | Child Specialist

Dr S K Banik

Prof. Dr. SK Banik is a leading Newborn and Child Diseases Specialist renowned for his expertise in neonatology and pediatrics. His compassionate care and advanced knowledge have made him a trusted figure among families and colleagues. Dr. Banik is deeply involved in clinical research, contributing significantly to the field with numerous publications and presentations. As a professor, he mentors the next generation of pediatricians, emphasizing both medical excellence and compassionate patient care. Prof. Dr. SK Banik’s dedication to improving child health is evident in his distinguished career and ongoing contributions to pediatric medicine.

Prof. Dr. SK Banik – Newborn And Child Diseases Specialist DhakaProf. Dr. SK. Banik

Prof. Dr. SK Banik is a highly esteemed child specialist based in Dhaka. With an impressive array of qualifications including MBBS, MPH, FCPS in Pediatrics, and MD in Neonatology, he is renowned for his expertise in treating newborn and child diseases. As a Professor of Pediatrics at Sir Salimullah Medical College & Mitford Hospital, Dr. Banik has made significant contributions to the field of pediatric healthcare.

He is available for consultations at the Popular Diagnostic Center in Shantinagar, where he dedicates his evening hours to providing top-notch care to his young patients. Known for his compassionate approach and extensive knowledge, Prof. Dr. SK Banik is a trusted name among parents seeking the best medical care for their children.

  • Qualifications: MBBS, MPH, FCPS (Pediatrics), MD (Neonatology)
  • Specialization: Newborn & Child Diseases Specialist
  • Current Position: Professor of Pediatrics, Sir Salimullah Medical College & Mitford Hospital

Chamber & Appointment

Popular Diagnostic Center, Shantinagar

  • Address: Unit # 01, House # 11, Shantinagar, Motijheel, Dhaka
  • Visiting Hour: 8pm to 9.30pm (Closed: Friday)
  • Appointment: +8809613787803

Frequently Asked Questions

What conditions does Prof. Dr. SK Banik specialize in treating?

Prof. Dr. SK Banik specializes in treating a wide range of newborn and child diseases, including respiratory issues, gastrointestinal problems, infectious diseases, developmental disorders, and neonatal intensive care needs.

How can I schedule an appointment with Prof. Dr. SK Banik?

Appointments can be scheduled by contacting the Popular Diagnostic Center in Shantinagar directly via phone at +8809613787803.

What should I bring to my child’s appointment with Prof. Dr. SK Banik?

Please bring your child’s medical records, any previous test results, a list of current medications, and a detailed history of your child’s symptoms and health concerns.

Does Prof. Dr. SK Banik offer telemedicine consultations?

Telemedicine consultations may be available. Please inquire about this when scheduling your appointment.

What is the typical process for a first-time consultation with Prof. Dr. SK Banik?

The first consultation usually involves a thorough review of your child’s medical history, a physical examination, and a discussion of any symptoms or concerns. Based on the findings, Dr. Banik will recommend further tests or treatments if necessary.

How does Prof. Dr. SK Banik approach treatment for newborns?

Dr. Banik employs a holistic approach to neonatal care, focusing on both immediate medical needs and long-term health outcomes. He collaborates closely with parents to ensure comprehensive care tailored to each newborn’s specific needs.

Are parents allowed to accompany their child during consultations with Prof. Dr. SK Banik?

Yes, parents are encouraged to accompany their child during consultations to provide support and contribute valuable information about their child’s health.

What types of research is Prof. Dr. SK Banik involved in?

Dr. Banik is involved in clinical research aimed at improving treatment methodologies and outcomes for various pediatric conditions, including neonatal care and childhood infectious diseases.

Can Prof. Dr. SK Banik provide a second opinion on a diagnosis?

Yes, Dr. Banik offers second opinions on diagnoses and treatment plans. Please bring all relevant medical records and test results to the consultation for a comprehensive review.

How can I stay informed about my child’s health and upcoming appointments with Prof. Dr. SK Banik?

The Popular Diagnostic Center in Shantinagar may offer a patient portal where you can access your child’s health records, upcoming appointments, and communicate directly with Dr. Banik’s healthcare team for any concerns or questions.


Prof. Dr. SK. Banik stands as a beacon of expertise and dedication in the field of pediatric medicine. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence, Dr. Banik has consistently provided compassionate care and innovative solutions to countless children and their families. Through his tireless efforts, he has not only improved the health and well-being of his patients but has also contributed significantly to the advancement of pediatric research and education. As a respected authority in child health, Dr. Banik’s legacy will continue to inspire and benefit generations to come.

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