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What is The Ranking of Bangladesh in Healthcare?

Ranking of Bangladesh in Healthcare

Bangladesh, a nation striving towards healthcare improvement, presents a complex picture in the context of global healthcare rankings. This article explores Bangladesh’s position in these rankings, offering a nuanced understanding of its healthcare system’s strengths and areas for growth.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Bangladesh ranks 88th in the world for healthcare quality. In 2023, Bangladesh had a health care index score of 42.0, ranking it 94th out of 94 countries. [1]

Bangladesh also scored the lowest in the 2022 Health Inclusivity Index, which measures progress towards providing good physical, mental, and social health for all. In the index, Bangladesh ranked 40th in all three domains, scoring 22.6 in inclusive health, 36.3 in health in society, and 22.3 in people and community empowerment. [2]

Bangladesh has a healthcare system that some say lacks reliability, responsiveness, and empathy. The country is one of the world’s most densely populated, with 21.8% of people living below the poverty line. [3]

Understanding Healthcare Rankings

Global healthcare rankings provide a comparative view of healthcare systems worldwide, evaluating aspects such as quality, accessibility, and efficiency. While organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) and The Commonwealth Fund are key players in providing these rankings, it’s crucial to consider the diversity of methodologies used and the limitations inherent in such comparisons.

Bangladesh’s Position in Global Rankings

As of mid-2023, Bangladesh’s healthcare system has been evaluated in different global indices. The Health Care Index by Country 2023 Mid-Year places Bangladesh at a score of 42.0. This index assesses various aspects of healthcare systems in countries around the world. Additionally, the Global Burden of Disease study in The Lancet ranks Bangladesh 52nd out of 195 countries. This particular index focuses on death rates for 32 diseases that can be avoided or effectively treated with proper medical care, benchmarking progress against the year 1990​​​​. [4]

Key Factors Influencing Bangladesh’s Ranking

The rankings highlight both the progress made and the challenges faced by Bangladesh’s healthcare system. Improvements are noted in areas such as maternal health and vaccination coverage, but the country continues to grapple with issues like limited healthcare infrastructure and disparities between rural and urban healthcare access.

Detailed Analysis of Healthcare Indicators

Bangladesh shows a commendable trend in healthcare indicators like life expectancy and infant mortality rate. However, the regional disparity within the country poses significant challenges, with rural areas often lacking adequate healthcare facilities compared to urban centers.

Government Initiatives and Healthcare Reforms

The Government of Bangladesh has actively pursued reforms to improve healthcare services, focusing on increasing healthcare funding and expanding infrastructure. These efforts are reflected in the gradual improvement in Bangladesh’s healthcare rankings.

The Role of International Aid and Collaboration

International aid and collaboration remain crucial for Bangladesh’s healthcare sector. Partnerships with global organizations have contributed significantly to public health initiatives, especially in disease control and vaccination programs.

Public Perception and Experiences

Surveys and studies indicate mixed public responses to healthcare services in Bangladesh. While improvements are acknowledged in some areas, concerns about care quality, affordability, and access persist.

Challenges in Improving Healthcare Ranking

Addressing infrastructural deficits, managing the shortage of healthcare professionals, and bridging the rural-urban healthcare divide are key challenges in improving Bangladesh’s healthcare ranking. Technology and innovation offer promising solutions to these challenges.

Future Outlook: Prospects and Predictions

The future trajectory of healthcare in Bangladesh hinges on continued reforms and international collaboration. Technology’s integration into healthcare delivery promises to enhance healthcare outcomes and potentially improve Bangladesh’s position in global healthcare rankings.


Bangladesh’s healthcare ranking is a testament to its ongoing journey towards healthcare improvement. It underscores the need for persistent efforts and global cooperation to achieve a healthcare system that is accessible, efficient, and high in quality for all its citizens.

References and Further Reading

For further details and an in-depth analysis of Bangladesh’s healthcare system and its global ranking, readers are encouraged to refer to academic journals, government reports, and publications by international health organizations.


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