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Prof Dr Rashida Begum | Obstetrics

Dr Rashida Begum

In a country where infertility often carries a societal stigma, Prof Dr Rashida Begum emerges as a beacon of hope for countless couples yearning for the joy of parenthood. As a leading Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Infertility Specialist, she holds a prestigious position as the Chief Consultant at the Infertility Care and Research Center (ICRC) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her extensive expertise and empathetic approach towards patient care have not only healed bodies but also mended the hopes of many

Prof. Dr. Rashida Begum

About Prof. Dr. Rashida Begum: Prof. Dr. Rashida Begum is a highly qualified Infertility Specialist with extensive expertise in gynecology and obstetrics. With her impressive qualifications including a PhD in Reproduction Medicine, she leads as the Chief Consultant at Infertility Care & Research Center (ICRC). Patients seeking treatment for infertility or related issues can benefit from her vast experience and specialized care. Prof. Dr. Rashida Begum is available for consultation at Infertility Care & Research Center during specified visiting hours.


  • MBBS,
  • MMEd (UK),
  • MSc (Embryology),
  • PhD (Reproduction Medicine)


  • Infertility, Gynecology, Obstetrics Specialist & Surgeon

Chamber Appointment:

  • Chamber: Chief Consultant, Gynecology & Obstetrics at Infertility Care & Research Center (ICRC)
  • Address: 5/13 Humayun Road, Block # B, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
  • Visiting Hour: 5pm to 9pm (Sat, Mon, Wed & Thu)
  • Appointment: +8801747634566

Early Life and Education: The Academic Odyssey that Shaped a Medical Maverick

The educational voyage of Prof Dr Rashida Begum is nothing short of inspiring. Her pursuit of medical excellence began in Bangladesh and soared beyond its borders, reaching the esteemed halls of reputable institutions in the United Kingdom.

  • Primary and Secondary Education: Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s educational foundation was laid at Patuakhali Gov’t Girls High School, nurturing her early interests in the sciences.
  • Medical Education: Her medical journey commenced at Sher-E-Bangla Medical College, where she specialized in Gynecology and Obstetrics, laying the groundwork for her illustrious career.
  • Advanced Studies: Prof Dr Rashida Begum further honed her skills and knowledge at the University of Dundee and the University of Leeds in the UK, obtaining advanced degrees that equipped her to tackle complex fertility issues.

Professional Journey and Expertise: Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s Legacy in OB/GYN and Infertility Treatment

Description: With over two decades of experience, Prof Dr Rashida Begum has carved a niche for herself in the medical community of Bangladesh. Her expertise spans a wide range of gynecological and fertility treatments, making a significant impact on the lives of thousands.

  • Key Milestones: One of the hallmark milestones in her career includes her involvement in the birth of the “First Frozen Embryo Baby Apsora” of Bangladesh in 2008.
  • Clinical Expertise: Her clinic, ICRC, has become a haven for couples seeking solutions to infertility. Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s expertise in IVF, ICSI, and Laparoscopic surgery has restored hope and happiness in many families.

Awards, Honors, and Recognitions: The Glittering Testament to Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s Medical Prowess

Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s outstanding contributions to the field of gynecology and infertility treatment have not gone unnoticed. Over the years, she has amassed a collection of prestigious awards and honors that reflect her expertise, dedication, and the indelible impact she has made in the lives of countless individuals.

  • Young Scientist Award (2005): A distinctive honor bestowed upon Prof Dr Rashida Begum by the Asia Oceania Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (AOFOG) for her groundbreaking research, marking her as the first and only gynecologist in Bangladesh to receive this accolade.
  • Shining Personality Award (2005): Awarded by the Narikantha Foundation in recognition of her significant medical research contributions.
  • Best Fertility Specialist Award (2008): An award from Deshpremi Cultural Foundation that acknowledges her unparalleled expertise in fertility treatment.
  • Lifetime Achievement Awards (2016, 2017): Prof Dr Rashida Begum was honored with lifetime achievement awards for her extensive service in infertility treatment and social service in the health sector.

Research Contributions: Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s Venture into Unchartered Medical Realms

The realm of medical research has been significantly enriched by Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s scholarly pursuits. Her relentless quest for knowledge and solutions to complex fertility issues have yielded a wealth of insights that continue to benefit the medical community and patients alike.

  • Publications: With seventy-six publications to her name, twenty-eight of which are featured in reputed international journals, Prof Dr Rashida Begum has extensively shared her knowledge with the global medical community.
  • Notable Research Works: Her research on “Loading Dose Vs Standard Regime of Magnesium Sulphate- A Randomized Trial” was notably awarded by AOFOG, reflecting the caliber of her research endeavors.

Affiliations and Memberships: Bridging Borders with Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s Global Medical Network

Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s affiliations with prestigious medical societies around the globe not only amplify her expertise but also foster a collaborative approach toward advancing fertility treatment and gynecological care.

  • Membership in International Societies: Being a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, International Federation of Fertility Society, and the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, she embodies a blend of diverse medical knowledge and global collaborative spirit.
  • Editorial Roles: Her editorial roles in international journals and local medical associations underscore her commitment to disseminating knowledge and staying abreast of the latest medical advancements.

Patient Care and Treatment Offered: The Heartbeat of Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s Medical Practice

Description: At the core of Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s illustrious career is her unwavering commitment to patient care. Her approach goes beyond clinical treatment, delving into the emotional and psychological well-being of her patients as they navigate the often challenging journey to parenthood.

  • Individualized Treatment Plans: Understanding that each patient’s journey is unique, Prof Dr Rashida Begum tailors treatment plans to meet individual needs, ensuring the best possible outcome.
  • Success Stories: Over the years, her expertise has culminated in the birth of numerous healthy babies, turning despair into joy for many couples.

Online Appointment: Seamless Consultation Scheduling with Prof Dr Rashida Begum

Description: In a digital age, accessibility to medical consultations should be straightforward and hassle-free. Prof Dr Rashida Begum embraces technology to ensure that scheduling appointments is a breeze for her patients.

  • Booking Process: Explanation of the simple online booking process for consultations with Prof Dr Rashida Begum.
  • Benefits: Highlighting the advantages of online appointment scheduling, such as saving time and ensuring a reserved slot with the doctor.

Chamber Address: Your Pathway to Consultation with Prof Dr Rashida Begum

Description: Locating the medical chamber for an in-person consultation shouldn’t be a chore. Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s chamber is conveniently located to ensure ease of access for her patients.

  • Location Details: Providing the exact address and nearby landmarks to guide patients.
  • Accessibility: Mentioning available parking and public transportation options to assist patients in planning their visit.

Infertility Specialist: Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s Mastery in Fertility Solutions

Prof Dr Rashida Begum stands as a towering figure in the realm of infertility treatment in Bangladesh. Her extensive knowledge and practical experience have been instrumental in helping couples overcome fertility challenges and realize their dreams of parenthood.

  • Range of Treatments: Detailing the variety of infertility treatments offered, including IVF, ICSI, and other assisted reproductive technologies.
  • Patient-Centric Approach: Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s compassionate approach ensures a supportive environment for couples undergoing fertility treatments.

Gynecologist: Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s Expertise in Women’s Health

Description: Beyond fertility treatments, Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s expertise as a gynecologist ensures comprehensive women’s healthcare. Her extensive experience and patient-centric approach have made her a trusted name in gynecological care in Bangladesh.

  • Common Conditions Treated: Highlighting the range of gynecological conditions Prof Dr Rashida Begum treats, ensuring women’s health across different stages of life.
  • Advanced Diagnostic and Treatment Options: Discussion on the advanced gynecological care and treatments provided at the Infertility Care and Research Center (ICRC).

IVF and Assisted Reproductive Technology: Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s Pioneering Efforts

Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s name has become synonymous with cutting-edge IVF and assisted reproductive technology (ART) in Bangladesh. Her relentless pursuit of excellence in this domain has brought hope to numerous couples grappling with fertility challenges.

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Under Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s stewardship, the Infertility Care & Research Center (ICRC) boasts modern facilities and advanced technologies for IVF and other ART procedures.
  • Success Rates: Highlighting the remarkable success rates of IVF and ART under Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s expertise, shedding light on the hopes she’s restored to many families.

Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s Online Presence: Bridging the Digital Divide

In an era of digital connectivity, Prof Dr Rashida Begum extends her reach online, providing valuable resources, and staying connected with a global audience concerned with infertility and gynecological health.

  • Website and Online Platforms: Detailing the platforms where patients can find reliable information, schedule appointments, and engage with Prof Dr Rashida Begum.
  • Telemedicine Services: An outline of the telemedicine services offered, ensuring patients have remote access to high-quality care and consultation.

Community Outreach and Education: Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s Endeavors Beyond the Clinic

Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s commitment to community health goes beyond the confines of her clinic. Her efforts in community outreach and education have made a significant impact on improving women’s health awareness and access to quality reproductive health services in Bangladesh.

  • Health Campaigns and Workshops: Chronicling her involvement in various health campaigns and workshops aimed at educating the public on reproductive health and gynecological well-being.
  • Collaborations with Health Organizations: Highlighting her collaborative efforts with local and international health organizations to improve women’s health care standards in Bangladesh.

Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s Vision for the Future: Fostering a Legacy of Excellence

The legacy of Prof Dr Rashida Begum is poised to have a lasting impact on the medical community and the countless lives she has touched. Her vision for the future embodies a blend of continued medical excellence, innovation in fertility treatment, and a deep-seated commitment to patient care.

  • Training the Next Generation: Prof Dr Rashida Begum’s involvement in training and mentoring the next generation of gynecologists and infertility specialists.
  • Research and Innovation: Her ongoing research endeavors aimed at exploring new frontiers in reproductive medicine and infertility treatment.

Prof Dr. Rashida Begum’s Educational Journey: A Foundation of Excellence

Description: Prof Dr. Rashida Begum’s extensive educational background has laid a robust foundation for her illustrious career. Her academic journey is a blend of local education and international exposure that has equipped her with a diverse set of skills and knowledge.

  • Early Education: Reflecting on her initial schooling and the beginning of her medical education.
  • Advanced Degrees and Specializations: Delving into her advanced studies and specializations that have propelled her to the forefront of gynecology and infertility treatment.

Prof Dr. Rashida Begum’s Publications: A Wealth of Knowledge

Description: Prof Dr. Rashida Begum’s extensive list of publications serves as a rich resource for both the medical community and individuals seeking knowledge on fertility and gynecological health.

  • Key Publications: Highlighting some of her key publications that have contributed significantly to the field.
  • Books and Chapters: Showcasing her books and chapters in international publications, providing a valuable resource for learning and reference.

Connecting with Prof Dr. Rashida Begum: Channels of Communication

Description: Accessibility to a healthcare provider is crucial for patient satisfaction and timely medical attention. Prof Dr. Rashida Begum ensures a clear channel of communication with her patients through various means.

  • Contact Information: Providing the contact details for Prof Dr. Rashida Begum’s clinic, including phone numbers and email addresses for easy communication.
  • Social Media Presence: Highlighting Prof Dr. Rashida Begum’s professional social media profiles where patients can follow her updates and engage in community discussions.

Awards and Recognitions: Honoring Prof Dr. Rashida Begum’s Stellar Contributions

Description: Prof Dr. Rashida Begum’s professional journey is adorned with numerous awards and recognitions that underscore her outstanding contributions to the field of Gynecology and Infertility treatment.

  • List of Awards: Detailing the various awards and honors bestowed upon Prof Dr. Rashida Begum over the years.
  • Importance and Impact: Discussing the significance of these awards in acknowledging her efforts and inspiring others in the medical community.

International and National Conferences: Prof Dr. Rashida Begum’s Academic Engagements

Description: Prof Dr. Rashida Begum is an active participant in the global academic discourse, often sharing her insights and learning from her peers at various international and national conferences.

  • Keynote Speeches and Presentations: Highlighting some of the significant conferences where Prof Dr. Rashida Begum has shared her expertise.
  • Networking and Collaborations: Discussing the collaborations and professional networks that have stemmed from her active engagement in these academic platforms.

Future Prospects and Ongoing Research: The Unwavering Journey of Prof Dr. Rashida Begum

Prof Dr. Rashida Begum’s commitment to advancing the field of infertility treatment and gynecological care continues unabated. Her ongoing research and future prospects promise a continuing legacy of excellence.

  • Current Research Projects: Detailing the research projects that are currently underway under the supervision of Prof Dr. Rashida Begum.
  • Future Goals: Discussing the long-term goals and the vision that Prof Dr. Rashida Begum harbors for the advancement of infertility treatment in Bangladesh.

Building a Legacy: Prof Dr. Rashida Begum’s Impact on Infertility Treatment in Bangladesh

Prof Dr. Rashida Begum’s unparalleled contributions have significantly shaped the landscape of infertility treatment in Bangladesh, creating a lasting legacy that continues to inspire and aid countless individuals.

  • Pioneering Initiatives: Discussing the pioneering initiatives spearheaded by Prof Dr. Rashida Begum in the field of infertility treatment.
  • Mentorship and Training: Highlighting her role in nurturing the next generation of gynecologists and infertility specialists.

Prof Dr. Rashida Begum’s Online Appointment System: Bridging Accessibility

Ease of access to medical consultation is a cornerstone of patient-centric healthcare. Prof Dr. Rashida Begum’s online appointment system exemplifies this, providing a seamless process for patients seeking her expertise.

  • How to Book an Online Appointment: A step-by-step guide on how patients can book an online appointment with Prof Dr. Rashida Begum.
  • Benefits of Online Appointments: Discuss the benefits and convenience offered by the online appointment system.

Prof Dr. Rashida Begum’s Chamber Address: Your Pathway to Expert Care

Providing the detailed address and directions to Prof Dr. Rashida Begum’s chamber, ensuring that those seeking her services can easily locate her clinic.

  • Location and Directions: Offering precise location details and directions to Prof Dr. Rashida Begum’s chamber.
  • Facilities Available: Briefing on the facilities and amenities available at the clinic to ensure a comfortable visit for all patients.

Rashida Begum: The Gynecologist and Infertility Specialist Unveiling Hope

Prof Dr. Rashida Begum embodies the essence of a dedicated gynecologist and infertility specialist whose extensive knowledge and compassionate care unveil new hopes for countless couples.

  • Expertise in Gynecology: Delving into her expertise and services offered in gynecological care.
  • Infertility Treatment Approaches: Exploring the various infertility treatment approaches employed by Prof Dr. Rashida Begum to assist couples on their journey to parenthood.


Wrapping up the extensive journey and commendable contributions of Prof Dr. Rashida Begum in the field of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Infertility treatment. Reflecting on the myriad ways she has touched lives and contributed to the medical community both in Bangladesh and globally.



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