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Associate Prof. Dr. Istiaq Ahmed | Cardiovascular Specialist

Dr Istiaq Ahmed

Associate Prof. Dr. Istiaq Ahmed

Facing complex heart concerns often requires a renowned specialist who inspires confidence and offers cutting-edge expertise. Look no further than Associate Prof. Dr. Istiaq Ahmed, a distinguished Cardiovascular Surgeon renowned for his extensive experience, meticulous skills, and unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional cardiac care in Dhaka.

A Legacy Built on Excellence and Recognition:

Dr. Ahmed’s credentials speak volumes about his dedication to excellence. He holds an MBBS degree from Dhaka Medical College and obtained his MS in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery from the prestigious National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD). This robust academic foundation is further strengthened by his fellowships at renowned institutions like Fortis Escorts Heart Institute (New Delhi) and Medanta – The Medicity (Gurgaon), ensuring he brings the latest advancements and techniques to his patients. His accomplishments are further validated by his positions as Organizing Secretary of BACVTS, the Bangladesh Association of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeons, and Vice President of CSSB, the Cardiac Surgeon Society of Bangladesh.

Your Champion for Optimal Cardiac Health:

Whether you’re grappling with coronary artery disease, valve issues, congenital heart defects, or vascular concerns, Dr. Ahmed offers a beacon of hope and a comprehensive roadmap to improved cardiac health. He possesses extensive experience in performing a wide range of complex procedures, including various types of CABG, valve repairs and replacements, congenital anomaly corrections, and vascular surgeries. His meticulous approach and commitment to minimally invasive techniques ensure optimal outcomes and faster recovery.

Beyond the Operating Room: Patient-Centered Care and Support:

Dr. Ahmed understands that effective cardiac care extends beyond technical expertise. He prioritizes clear communication, active listening, and patient education, ensuring you understand your condition, treatment options, and potential outcomes. His compassionate and supportive demeanor creates a trusting environment where you feel empowered and cared for throughout your journey.

Convenience and Access to Expert Care:

Experience Dr. Ahmed’s expertise at the modern facilities of Greenlife Hospital (Greenlife Heart Centre), conveniently located at 32, Green Road (Bir Uttam K. M. Shofiullah Sorok), Dhaka-1205, Room no:106. He consults Saturdays to Thursdays from 3.00PM to 6.00PM. To schedule an appointment, call 018 9276 8698 or 01715380321.

Chamber Location:

Choose Associate Prof. Dr. Istiaq Ahmed and embark on a journey towards optimal cardiac health and well-being. His extensive experience, proven track record, unwavering commitment to patient-centered care, and dedication to serving Dhaka offer a foundation for trust, confidence, and a healthy future. Schedule your appointment today and experience the difference that a renowned and compassionate cardiovascular surgeon can make in your life.

This revised text highlights Dr. Ahmed’s impressive credentials, extensive experience in various cardiac procedures, focus on patient-centered care, and convenient location. It also emphasizes his achievements and recognition within the medical community.

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