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Dr. Musannah Ashfaq | Spine Surgery Specialist

Dr Musannah Ashfaq

Dr. Musannah Ashfaq

Whether you’re facing complex brain or spine issues in Dhaka or Mymensingh, finding a trustworthy and experienced neurosurgeon can make all the difference. Look no further than Dr. Musannah Ashfaq, a renowned Brain & Spine Surgery Specialist who offers cutting-edge expertise, personalized care, and unwavering dedication to guiding you towards optimal neurological health.

A Legacy Built on Precision and Expertise:

Dr. Ashfaq’s credentials inspire immediate confidence. He underwent specialized training in Vascular Neurosurgery at the prestigious ASAN Medical Center in South Korea, a globally recognized leader in the field. This rigorous training equips him with advanced surgical skills, profound knowledge of the delicate intricacies of the brain and spine, and the latest advancements in neurosurgical techniques. You can be confident that you’re receiving care from a top-tier neurosurgeon, qualified to handle even the most complex neurological conditions.

Your Partner in Navigating Brain and Spine Concerns:

Dr. Ashfaq understands that every patient is unique, and each neurological challenge demands a personalized approach. He takes the time to carefully listen to your concerns, perform thorough examinations, and collaborate with you to develop a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and goals. Whether you’re dealing with a brain tumor, a spinal cord injury, or chronic pain, Dr. Ashfaq offers a comprehensive range of surgical and non-surgical interventions, ensuring you receive the most effective and appropriate care for your condition.

Beyond the Scalpel: Cultivating Trust and Open Communication:

Dr. Ashfaq’s commitment to patient-centered care extends far beyond the operating room. He prioritizes clear and open communication, keeping you informed every step of the way and ensuring you understand your diagnosis, treatment options, and potential outcomes. He believes that informed patients make empowered decisions, and his dedication to open dialogue fosters a trusting and collaborative relationship with his patients.

Convenience and Accessibility: Serving Dhaka and Mymensingh:

Dr. Ashfaq conveniently consults at two locations to cater to your needs:

  • Crescent Gastroliver Hospital, Dhaka: Located at 25/i, Green Road, Eastern end of Dhanmondi, Rd 7, Dhaka 1205, this modern facility boasts state-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated team focused on your comfort and privacy. He consults from 10am to 2pm, Saturday to Thursday. To schedule an appointment, call 01755308113.
  • Sodesh Hospital (Pvt.) Limited, Mymensingh: Located at 71/F, Sarda Ghosh Road, Mymensingh – 2200, this hospital offers convenient access to Dr. Ashfaq’s expertise for residents of Mymensingh and surrounding areas. He consults on Fridays from 10am to 6pm. To schedule an appointment, call 01755308113.

Choose Dr. Musannah Ashfaq and embark on a journey towards improved neurological health and well-being. His extensive expertise, unwavering commitment to patient-centered care, and dedication to serving both Dhaka and Mymensingh offer a foundation for trust, confidence, and hope. Schedule your appointment today and experience the difference that a skilled and compassionate neurosurgeon can make in your life.

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